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The RDT Township Forum was created in 2012 Children growing up in a township are surrounded by negative influences and face daily challenges to try and stay out of trouble and not get involved. Topics discussed will be , drugs, alcohol, gangs, teenage pregnancy, ‘avoiding blessers’ how to stay on track, focusing on their education and following their clubs very strict code of conduct. This has become an important annual event and our 8th Rainbow Dreams Trust Township FORUM will take place in Khayelitsha on Saturday 10th November 2018

• We are a Cape Town based not for profit organisation working together with disadvantaged South African youth for a better future

• Every project we undertake focuses not only on immediate need, but also looks ahead to the future impact of our intervention

• We believe that in order for positive sustainable change to be made, our disadvantaged youth need to have the confidence and positive self image necessary to set and reach goals and hence follow their dreams

• We provide support to our youth on this journey, as they navigate through the many dangers and traps inherent in their environment

Breaking Walls


Breaking Walls 2018 Cape Town "Inclusive City" will bring together 24 young people from Rainbow Dreams Trust, Groenvlie High School. Through creating Art together, these new Breaking Walls artists will learn about themselves and unfamiliar youth cultures, enabling them to see that they are not alone and to leave prejudices behind.

Breaking Walls is a writing theatre project, which focuses on young people having their voices heard, how do we create a better world. A world where racism, intolerance, discrimination and hate are things of the past. Instead a world of love and  acceptance,  of all religious affiliations, race, gender preferences, a world united with no form of discrimination.  Rainbow Dreams Trust has partnered with the Breaking Walls project for the past five years. We are inspired by the phenomenal results we have seen in the collective voices of youth, addressing  problems the world faces today. After attending the yearly International 14 day Breaking Walls projects, hosted in various overseas countries, Rainbow Dreams Trust decided to bring this much needed project, home to our diverse Cape Town youth.  

We now hold an annual Breaking Walls  workshop in Cape Town from 3rd to 7th October at a campsite in Noordhoek.

 13 students from Groenvlei and Hout Bay high schools, will work together with 11 of our  Rainbow Dreams Trust, township youth club members. At this five day workshop, the 25 students will work, sleep. eat together, learn about each other’s cultures, share the problems and issues they all face in their different communities and work together to find solutions. Communicating,  it is inspiring to work with these young creative minds and to witness the powerful transformation of three  such different communities now bonded together through mutual understanding.

The students then return to their own communities with a greater understanding and acceptance of each other’s differences and go forward to spread the word of acceptance and the need for unity, so powerful.    

 RDT 4

Camp Hope

Camp Hope - Yabonga 14 - 16 September 2018 - Happy Haven Camp - Rotary Campsite, Glencairn

To find out more about our camps click on this link: http://rainbowdreamstrust.org/projects/camp-hope  



Artscape 2018...... what a day and a night!Amidst all the excitement and the trepidation of our #RainbowDreamsTrust  Choir, there was a prevailing sense of JOY. Dreams realized, hopes fulfilled.....forever lasting memories to keep spirits high when life gets tough in the townships. A magnificent performance ..... and another lesson learnt..... every thing is possible........We are SO proud of our children ...thank you to all those who continue to support us in our journey to uplift these special children......all in all, an event like this shows our Rainbow family at its best. 

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BUILDING LEADERSHIP INTO THE CHILDREN OF SOUTH AFRICA Here is an easy way to help us - Download the Zapper App onto your phone, scan the code below and donate towards our cause of building life into the children of South Africa. https://www.zapper.com/download.php