Ikhaya Educare Center provides a trusted creche facility for parents in the local Philippi township community, many of which are young single mothers who rely on the service in order to be free to both work and further their education. The centre is a successful grassroots community service supporting itself from fees paid by most but not all of parents who leave their young children at the creche during the day.  The facilities are at the center are very basic. We have got halfway through our plan of  upgrading the centre! We wish  to provide the children and the workers of the educare center with a safer more pleasant environment in which to nurture and grow the youth of the area.  We need the help of donors to provide the funds for us to perform this upgrade and provide:

We have already achieved alot! We have completed work to reroof and rewired this busy township creche  and have extended a room to give more room for setting up the kids activities.

We are currently raising funds to turn to:

  • build a new  classroom in the back yard
  •  install a ‘wendy house’ library in the back yard where educational tools and literacy tools can be stored
  • provide bright clean outdoor area in which the children can play with adequate child friendly fencing
  • build and install adequate storage facilities for the needs of the center (shelves and cupboards)
  • provide small mats and blankets in adequate number such  that the children do not have to sleep on cold concrete during nap time
  • provide sets of plastic bowls and other small kitchen items to help make lunchtime easier

We are very familar with the needs of Ikhaya Educare center as the front room of the center is donated to us from 5PM to 7PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – this is where our Philippi youth club meets.   Mama Siswa is passionate about early childhood education and is determined that the infants in her care will have the opportunity to learn reading and writing even at their tender age.  She is naturally a commanding leader in the community determined to uplift the children and the community.

This is the third early childhood centre Mama Siswa has run. The first was in 1992 and the second in 1998.  She is a mother of three, with two grown and left home , she also fosters children when the need arises.  We recognise the huge positive impact Mama Siswe is having on her community and we wish to support her work, and give her young charges just that little bit of a better start in life.  Help us upgrade this creche and help Mama Siswe with her dream to uplift her community by engaging and teaching and caring for young minds.