At the age of 18 years, Palesa Hlasa an orphan, from Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa whilst studying for her matric, underwent surgery to remove a pituitary tumour behind her eyes, during the procedure, due to a surgical error, she permanently lost her sight. Her future was bleak, no emotional or financial support, her only option to go back to her village on the outskirts of and spend the rest of her life depending on others charity.

Until… RAINBOW DREAMS TRUST discovered her plight, Palesa told us her dream was to go to university, as we are in the business of making dreams come true……we accepted the challenge. The Principal of the Pioneer School for the blind in Worcester, was persuaded to break all the rules and accept a pupil, who did not yet have matric, who had not even been taught how to manage her blindness, no computer literacy at all etc. All Palesa had to offer was a burning ambition to go to university. At the Pioneer school she was taught how to write and read braille, she had computer literacy training and learnt how not to be scared of her blindness, but taught how to cope confidently.
Against all odds, Palesa excelled in every subject, the teachers were amazed at her ability and determination. Palesa then had to go back to Bloemfontein in 2014 to Molteno college to study and take her matric as Venda is her home language. It was here that the real challenges began, but like everything else Palesa won through. This courageous young woman managed to pass three subjects without set books in braille, just her cellphone to record the lectures, in a classroom where she was the only blind student. We brought Palesa back to Pioneer school in June 2015 to complete the work necessary for her to be accepted at university. Palesa will now fulfil her dream and enrol at the university in Bloemfontein in January 2016……if and only if RAINBOW DREAMS TRUST can sponsor her university fees and accommodation. With the help of our ARGUS cyclists sponsorship, for the last 3 years, we have managed to get her this far. Please join us and be a part of realising this courageous young woman’s dream, by sponsoring our 2016 ARGUS cyclists.

“RAINBOW DREAMS TRUST” will administer and allocate all funds.