Finally, after many trials and tribulations…
Having to smuggle one of our travelers out of riot driven Imizamo Yethu in the dead of night to make the airport..

Four excited Township youth club members are ready to travel to Warsaw to represent South Africa at the International Breaking Walls project.

Breaking Walls, is a writing theater project where youth from around the world gather to speak out about inequality, racism, discrimination of any kind and promote not only tolerance, but acceptance.

How fabulous is this!










“Polish” your cooking, this was the name of the cookery class we took. Every country we visit, the Breaking Walls team learn how to cook the local cuisine. Everyone was split into four teams,red, black, green and blue. The winners would be judged on taste, presentation and cleanliness of their work space. Under the watchful eye of Magda the head chef we cooked Perogine, potato pancakes, goulash and lots more…

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Not only did our artists have fun and feast on fabulous food…. they learnt again the importance of working as a team, togetherness the all important ingredient of this Breaking Walls 2017 tour.


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Day five already in Warsaw our four rdt youth club members and their fellow artists from Brooklyn, New York, Detroit Michigan,Palestine, Berlin, Poland and Spain are getting to grips with the job on hand.

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Writing, sharing experiences,problems and the many traumas that some of these brave young people have gone through, it is an emotional journey. When we took time out on a bus tour of this ancient city. Their collective voices will be heard as they write and speak out about the inequalities we face in our world today.


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After all the hard work, finally our artists are ready for the performance. An amazing opportunity for these young men and women to showcase their work.

The two weeks were an emotional journey for everyone. Opening up and sharing your innermost fears in some cases bearing their souls is not an easy task. But if our young people are to break down barriers of ignorance, they need to have a deeper insight into each other’s lives, cultures, beliefs, problems and fears, only then will they be able to ‘accept,’ not tolerate each other’s differences.

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We were honored to have with us on this tour; Dr Sheryl Simmons, Le Tosha’ and Dr Norwood joined us from Global Health – sharing their invaluable knowledge on health issues that all young people face today.

Knowledge is power and our young people are now empowered! Thank you, we are so grateful.

After the performance, the 2017 Breaking Walls team headed home to the different countries, taking with them to their own communities all that they had learnt on this tour. To live with an attitude of gratitude, acceptance and appreciation.

To our director Fran Tarr. Without her insight and vision this project would not have been possible, on behalf of us all…


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