MASIPHUMULELE is a township situated between Kommetjie and Noordhoek.

Initially known as Site 5, the township was renamed Masiphumelele by its residents, a Xhosa word meaning “We will succeed”. With a  population estimated at +- 40,000 in living  mostly in shacks, overcrowding, unemployment and poverty encourages all the negative aspects of Township life,  crime, abuse, alcoholism, drugs and gangsters.

Amenities  are scarce,  an overcrowded school, no police station, and an understaffed day clinic, trying to cope with scourges of T B and HIV. Most of the population are left with a sense of hopelessness.

Growing up here is hard for children!

After struggling for  three years to find a club venue in Masi, , finally,  we were able to open our fourth ‘to be a child again club’ in Masiphumulele, in March 2014.

We can now offer our club members in Masiphumule an alternative, to  engaging in  negative behavior.

Teaching and guiding them to resist the temptations to escape the dreariness and hopelessness of their lives by encouraging  them to believe in themselves, to work hard at school, to walk  the right path, have faith and hope for their own future

We have 25 members and four club leaders from the community.


Club Meets from 4-6pm


Monday – meeting/ choir

Tuesday –school work tuition

Wednesday- school work tuition

Thursday – formal meeting/drama

Meeting Place