Youth Clubs


Our township youth clubs thrive on the love and care of our in-community volunteers. Our local project leaders are there to help our youth members navigate through the many dangers in their lives. We act as a second family providing much needed structure in young lives: homework times, choir practise, quarterly parent and school meetings, and people to talk to when things are tough. We hold an annual all-clubs sports day, camp and a formal Township Youth Forum. Most importantly our clubs create a sense of belonging; a positive alternative to the gangs.

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Camp Hope


We run our camps for those most in need, with a focus on those with cronic illnesses and disabilities also burdened by poverty. Each camp is especially tailored to each group of children: the camp we run for children from Athlone School for the blind is different than a camp for children with Cerebal Palsy, different again for burn victims, HIV and diabetes suffers. All our camp buddies, buddy leaders, organisers and other volunteers are dedicated, caring individuals who go the extra mile to make our weekend camps as good as they can be for every child who attends.

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BEEP (Beyond Expectations Environmental Project)


The Beyond Expectation Environmental Project (BEEP) exists to help township youth trapped in environments dominated by poverty connect with nature. Children are taken in groups on overnight trips on table mountain and given a chance to escape from tightly packed low level urban areas into beautiful wide open spaces where they see into the distance, relax, spend time in silence or talk and unburden themselves of their problems. They are encouraged to believe in themselves and believe that they can escape from their situation of disadvantage. On returning from the mountain the youth are encouraged and supported to set up food gardens in their schools and communities. These food gardens are monitored and supported so that they become sustainable on going efforts.

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Dream Catcher


Dream Catcher projects exist to bring hope in the most difficult of circumstances. These are one off interventions to assist good people who are suffering extreme hardship to achieve a dream, whether small or large. Across the years our Dream Catcher actions have included paying school fees for children from families currently experiencing extreme poverty, purchasing school bags and equipment, flying a young cancer patient’s grandmother to visit during chemo therapy, providing uniforms for St Josephs Xmas choir, rebuilding shacks after storms and fires, doctor’s visits, university fees for dedicated community workers, funeral expenses and counselling in times of need.

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