Rainbow Dreams Trust began a partnership with Breaking Walls in 2014. Breaking Walls is a writing theatre project, which focuses on young people creating a better world. A world where racism, intolerance, discrimination and hate are things of the past. Instead a world of love, acceptance, tolerance of all religious affiliations, sexual preferences, a world united. The artists (as the students are called) are given writing triggers which are to be answered in depth. Each artist is then asked to present their writing to their fellow artists. An ambassador, will then engage with the artists and explore their writing, delving deeper, encouraging and assisting them to create. The artists choose two of their writing triggers and the Director then compiles their words of wisdom and writes a script for the play. Amazing , the artists are then directed through rigorous rehearsals until the final performance when all their hard work will be displayed in front of an appreciative audience, their voices heard!

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Rainbow Dreams Trust is inspired by the phenomenal results we have seen in the collective voices of youth, addressing problems the world faces today. After attending the yearly International 14 day Breaking Walls projects, hosted in various overseas countries, we decided in 2015 to have an annual workshop right here in Cape Town with students from various schools and backgrounds, join together with our RDT youth club members from townships in the Cape Town area. At this workshop we worked with 13 students from the German International School and 12 Rainbow Dreams Trust, Township Youth club members, it was inspiring to work with these young creative minds. In 2016, we worked with 8 African members from Rainbow Dreams Trust Township youth clubs, 8 students form the German International School and 8 students from the High School in Hout Bay harbour.

Putting these three different cultures together was an interesting journey. Working, eating, sleeping and playing together, sharing each other’s lives and different cultures was at times both poignant and rewarding. At the culmination of this 5 day initiative, there was a broader understanding and acceptance of each other, so powerful for our youth to have this in this troubled world today.
Each artist can then take back to their own communities, what they learnt and experienced. Irrespective of the colour of our skin, religious beliefs, gender, cultures, sexual preferences, we are all of the human race and discrimination of any kind should have no place in our world.

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