Rainbow Dreams Trust’s “Camp Hope” takes place in a rented Rotary camp site in Glencairn, Cape Town. The camp offers a special camping experience for disadvantaged children aged between 6 – 16 years who face additional daily challenges in their lives due to physical and/or circumstantial limitations.

The camp was created to motivate and encourage the children’s self-belief no matter their own circumstances. Through the application of challenging games, group discussions, team tasks and much more, we aim to improve the children’s attitude to their disability or their situation. We hope to instil in the children a sense of hope and enthusiasm for their own future. One of our main goals on the camps is to encourage the children to dream, and to believe that those dreams can come true.

×The camps are funded solely on donations. If you feel you would like to assist in any way be it with finance or hands on help, please call us on +27 (021) 790 8375, or email us at contact@rainbowdreamstrust.co.za

Children on the camp are cared for by Rainbow Dreams Trust “buddies” who provide mentorship, encouragement, support and safety for the children during the camp. Prior to the camp all “buddies” undergo training, attend orientation and participate in the planning of the camp. They are volunteers, all with a common goal of wanting to participate in providing quality time making a difference in the lives of these children.

×We have a big dream to one day own land and create a custom designed special needs camp for disabled and chronically ill children in Cape Town; a permanent Camp Hope

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Who is Camp Hope for?

We select groups that we find to be the most in need, we have a specific focus allowing us to tailor each camp specifically for the children: the camp we run for blind children is different than a camp for children with Cerebal Palsy, different again for burn victims, HIV and diabetes suffers.

One Camp Hope a year is dedicated to the members of our ‘To be a child again’ youth clubs. This camp is different; it has more of a focus on inspirational speakers, goal setting, team work and morals. We know the members of our youth groups well and their yearly camp is part of a long term relationship as part of the large Rainbow Dreams Trust family. It is one of the biggest events of the year for the club, where members from right across the city are able to meet and spend quality time together. Our focus with the other children who come to us just for the Camp Hope weekend is more on instilling self confidence, helping each child have a better attitude towards their disability or illness and, of course, having lots of fun in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment.