The two most important roles on Camp Hope are that of Camp Director and Buddy Leader. The Executive Assistant and Book Keeper are also critical in the run up to camp. Dedicated volunteers are so important to our organisation and we would also like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the long time support of Deborah Saint (Deputy Debs).

Camp Director Dannie Kagan

Camp Hope Director
Dannie Kagan

Camp Director

The Camp Director holds the ultimate responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the children and the buddies, from the moment they step on the Camp Hope bus to the moment they return to their homes, as well as ensuring the suitability and smooth running of the camp programme.

Dannie Kagan has been directing childrens’ camps since 2004, initiating the first Camp Quality for children with cancer with Constantia Rotary Club in 2005 and directing a variety of camps with frequency ever since. Dannie finds the role of Camp Director one of the most rewarding parts of her varied work at the Rainbow Dreams Trust.

Buddy Leader (a rotating role)

Experienced buddies are offered the role of Buddy Leader. This is a position of responsibility extending from the from the buddy planning meeting where the Buddy Leader is announced right through until the camp’s closing ceremony.

Buddy leaders are there to ensure that the tight programmed schedule is on time, keeping everyone on track with the day’s program, as well as keeping the spirit of the buddies high. Due to the action packed program, buddies can often tire later in the weekend.

The Buddy Leader, together with the Camp Director, lead the nightly discussion of the day’s events. This happens after all children are in bed and is a chance for them to connect with buddies, hear problems, offer advice and constructive criticism. The Buddy Leader ends the meeting with their summary of the day. It’s a tough job and requires eyes in the back of your head, leadership and presence. Sensitivity when correcting and guiding volunteers who are donating their time for free is also very important.

Thank you to our past Buddy Leaders:

Oriel Jongbloed (O.J.), Natano Hine (Don), Jack Manelisi (Pastor Jack), Maurice Alexander (Mo), Jane Roberts-Baxter (UJane), Kevin Mlandu

Camp Organisers

Preparation of camp includes recruitment of the Buddies, organising the orientation day where the new Buddies are introduced to the team, and the programme for the camp.

Thank you to our dedicated organising team.


Executive Assistant
Nosi Siswana


Book Keeper Extraordinarre Desiree Baxter


Dedicated Volunteer
Deborah Saint