“most people want to help, they just need to be given the opportunity”

Dream Catcher projects are where Rainbow Dreams Trust was born. It all started in 2005 with Chantal; a brave young terminally ill woman who dreamed of a white wedding to her beau. Chantal was married in 2005: the year before Rainbow Dreams Trust was founded.

Dannie Kagan, as a member of the Constania Rotary club, organised a group of warm hearted community members to make Chantal’s Dream Wedding became real. The venue, catering, designer dresses, bridal cars, honeymoon suite, live music and everything else that makes up a dream wedding were donated for free by people who simply wanted to help. It was at this point that Dannie came to the realisation that “most people want to help, they just need to be given the opportunity”.

Chantal’s was the first Dream Catcher story and her spirit the inspiration for many many more… Across the years Dream Catcher actions have included paying school fees for children from families currently experiencing extreme poverty, purchasing school bags and equipment, flying a young cancer patient’s grandmother to visit during chemo therapy, providing uniforms for St Josephs Xmas choir, rebuilding shacks after storms and fires, doctor’s visits, university fees for dedicated community workers, funeral expenses and counselling in times of need. One of our current Dream Catcher commitments is to Palesa, who we met as a young orphaned blind girl. She is currently studying at university in Bloemfontein.

As Rainbow Dreams Trust has matured our core work has moved away from many isolated acts of kindness for individuals in need, instead focusing on sustained programmes for groups of underprivileged youth and projects designed to have a positive impacts on whole communities.

Dream Catcher projects exist to bring hope in the most difficult of circumstances.  Back in 2006 Dannie penned the following goals for the projects and for the organisation as a whole:

  • To assist those less fortunate in the community, who prove to be worthy
  • To seek and find those who have an impossible dream, primarily children, but not limited to and will include teenagers, adults, groups or bodies who’s purpose is to improve the lives of others
  • To assist those who prove to be worthy, but due to their own personal situation, ill health, restraints, financial or physical limitations, would never be able to have their dream fulfilled
  • To create hope where hope was long forgotten
  • To create happiness where there was only sorrow
  • To make a difference in the lives of others