Philippi is a large township of around 150 000 inhabitants, of which almost half of the population live in informal settlements. Our club in Philippi offers children who would otherwise be idle on the street a structured environment in which to grow.

The Philippi ‘To be a child again’ club was established in 2011 and boasts a huge thirty-four members. We strive to keep the clubs to twenty members as a firm rule, but in the case of Philippi this rule had to be broken. When Onke Luthi joined the club he was unable to turn away his young soccer charges. Onke is a huge influence in many local boys’ lives. The bare field on which he teaches soccer is known locally as ‘Onke’s field’, and many of the boys he coaches in soccer are also members of the Philippi ‘To be a child again’ youth club.

Our Community Leaders

Onke Luthe: Director of all 'to be a child again' youth clubs.

Onke Luthe Director of all ‘To be a child again’ youth clubs

Nothula Meme  Head Project Leader Philippi

Nothula Meme Head Project Leader

Phindiwe Rozani - Philippi Leader

Phindiwe Rozani Philippi Leader

Club Meeting Details


Monday – Meeting/Choir

Tuesday – Homework

Wednesday – Meeting/Drama

Thursday – School work tuition

Friday – Formal meeting

The club at the Ikhaya Educare Center run by the fantastic Hilda Masiza who operates the creche out of her small home and offers the ‘To be a child again’ project her front room free of charge.

We welcome community involvement. If you would like to visit the club and share your time, talent and enthusiasm please contact us.

Club Meeting Place

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Background reference information on the Philippi Community