In 2010 Dannie and Kevin formed a vision for a the “To be a child again” youth club in Imizamo Yethu and Dannie penned the following Vision Statement. This is the founding document of our youth clubs.

The ‘to be a child again‘ Vision

For the children to learn how to become children again.

To give the children an alternative to drugs and alcohol.

To help the children resist the peer pressure of engaging in wrongful activities.

To teach the children that they do have a voice and they will be heard if they are being abused in any form whatsoever and by whomever.

To instill in the children a sense of hope and enthusiasm for their own future.

To allow the children to develop talents from their own strengths, to give them dignity – confidence and values.

To motivate and encourage them to believe in themselves – no matter what their own circumstances.

To show them through the application of structured play, discussion, sharing and mentoring that they can succeed in their own lives.

To nurture the child as a whole, Project leaders will work closely with parents and teachers through regular ‘home and school visits’ to continually assess the progress and behaviour of the child.

Parents will be invited to attend ‘parent’ meetings from time to time to discuss any problems they may be facing with their children and to encourage them to take an active part in their children’s lives.

The success of this project will be its sustainability, all project leaders are committed to the long term vision

To give the children hope, faith in themselves and teach them how to dream…..