Siyakhatela is an NPO which operates in the grounds of Kuyasa Primary school in  Kuyasa Khayelitsha.

Siyakhatela is the brain child of Nontsasa….. One of our Khayelitsha Youth Club Leaders.

One of Siyakhatela’s main projects is feeding orphaned children, making sure that they have a daily meal at school,  for some children, this will be their only meal of the day. At the end of the year we are faced with a problem, when at home, wherever that may be for the school holidays…..what will they eat? Big question…

So Nontsasa had this wonderful idea of putting together food parcels of samp, rice, mealie meal, essentials, to tide them over for the holidays until they return to school for their daily meal.

We now provide food parcel for over a 150 children every December  and as you can imagine as our rand limps along,  retail prices escalate, so it gets harder to put all the things we would like to in the parcels. However, we still manage  and it is a good feeling to know that we have helped a little…..

Thank you Nontsasa and your team for your hard work in putting these parcels together and for your never ending compassion and commitment to those less fortunate.