Rainbow Dreams Trust hit the ground running as the new year started.IMG-20160119-WA0009

We were kept busy during school holidays, helping where we could with aftermath of shack fires and preparing for the new school year.

We were given boxes and boxes of pencils from Rotary Club in the UK. What a wonderful gift. THANK YOU ROTARY!IMG-20160119-WA0008

We were able to supply all our 120 club members with beautiful colour pencils for the year. One of our loyal volunteers Ann Dent made
120 pencil bags to put the pencils in… All in rainbow colours… Happiness is? Starting your school year with pencils when so many township children do not!

We had our first club  leaders meeting of the year planning the calendar for 2016, followed by our Tutors meeting. Finally we have 8 tutors on board all eager and raring to go determined to make a difference in the education of IMG-20160128-WA0005our Rainbow Dreams Trust club members. Maths and English, these are the two subjects that our children really struggle with. Having English as the only language allowed to be spoken in the clubs helps but is not enough…

The children will have books available at each club and will be asked to read and then write about the content… We do our best.

The first event of the year will see all our Cape Town 2015  Breaking Walls artists spend a day at the German International School to meet up with the students they worked with last year on the Breaking Walls camp.

For me an important part of education is outside the classroom showing the children a world outside of their own. This year we are hoping against hope to be able to take on  4 Rainbow children to Detroit for the international Breaking Walls 12 day workshop… All we have to do is find the money for the air flights and pocket money… All other costs are funded by Breaking Walls… So please wish us luck…

The ARGUS CYCLE tour looms on the 6th of March… Every year we ride the race to raise funds for our amazing blind friend Palesa Hlasa to go to university. Palesa1argusOur riders will head off to compete and complete the race. Palesa an orphan is one amazing human being and we want to make her dream come true to go to university.

Our ‘to be a child again’ clubs  are in full swing and we are delighted to announce that our Head Choir Master Dean is working with our choir leaders to put together a Rainbow Dreams Trust choir.

We are all very excited about this and look forward to presenting the choir at the Artscape Schools Festival this year.

The study sessions with tutors now take place 2 days a week at each club and we hope to see definite improvement in school reports this year.  At the end of each month the tutors will write a progress report on each child that club leaders will be able to show the school teachers and parents when they do their quarterly home and school visits for each child… We are getting there… What we want to see in schools and communities is… “Spot the Rainbow child”… They are committed, polite, appreciative, hard working, respectful, happy and going places…..

Hmm how good would this be….