SUCH A LOT……..and now an attempt to fill you in and keep you up to speed…it is all so good!
We had a wonderful Camp Hope in May full of excitement, fun and laughter, but not without its challenges!

On Camp Hope, the children we take are challenged in some way, be it ill health, disability or children that are at risk, many having been housed in a place of safety. On our May camp we took 20 youngsters aged 6 to 17 years of age, from a children’s home
Some of the children had serious issues and it proved to be quite an emotional camp, for the children and buddies from beginning to end. The children usually arrive at the camp by latest 5.00pm, this gives us time to settle the children in, play some ‘icebreaker’ games to help them feel comfortable and start getting to know their buddies. The Camp Hope hired bus had arrived at the children’s home to collect the children and the four buddies that would travel with them at the arranged time of 3.00pm. However, not all the children were there as some had been sent out with one of the staff to buy last minute items, shoes, warm clothes…….by the time the buddies had gathered all the children and checked that each child on the list was present and all indemnity forms had been completed it was after 5.00pm before they could set off. Then of course the traffic…so a bus full of tired and hungry children only arrived at the campsite at 7.30pm.
It is often quite a job for the buddies to bond and earn the children’s trust in such a short time on the first day, so with limited time before lights out, this was quite a challenge.
Once again these amazing buddies, leapt into action and in no time at all the kids were relaxing, laughing and having fun. Often on camp there are last minute hitches, it’s the name of the game…when we started to put the children to bed we discovered that at least 8 of the 20 campers had no bedding. (One day we will hopefully have enough funds to buy our own bedding, too often the children arrive with nothing)!!!
Ok… so now what…… it is 8.30pm and we are in the middle of nowhere…..so off I sped at the speed of light to find an open store in search of blankets, within minutes of closing I found an open store… Yay! Luck was with me and I arrived back at the camp armed with 8 fluffy blankets, the children were delighted, the day was saved. All in all it was a great camp and the buddies were as always amazing. I do not think the buddies will ever know the respect and high esteem in which I hold them. When so many people of their age on the weekends are out jolling on the town, instead these guys, time and time again choose to give their time, caring, love and energy to make a difference in the lives of these special children. They are my heroes.
Our dream catcher projects are a ‘ work in progress’, Palesa, our inspiring young blind woman, who against all odds is determined to get her matric. Mama Sizwe crèche is going from strength to strength, but in order to complete this project, we need funds…we are working on it. BEEP project has found a new camp site to take their aspiring young environmentalists to, Sunbird camp in the Cape Nature reserve, more and more children are being able to explore nature and engage in preserving our environmental heritage…
The ‘to be a child again’ youth clubs are going strong, each month the clubs research and debate a certain subject, at the end of the month, the members have to give feedback and write about what they had learnt.
On my next Blog, I would like to share some of their views and comments with you, till then…in the midst of a world in present turmoil, I wish you peace and love.